Sunday, October 24, 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Combining My Worlds...

....and saving the environment one pizza box at a time.

As you may already know I have taken a "time out" from The Green Shutter to start a new venture with my family, The Wave Pizza Cafe in Duck, NC. It has been a chaotic and fulfilling 2 years and on this I will elaborate more in the very near future. For now here's is a tidbit on eco friendly pizza boxes.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Good for Mind and Body.

100% organic soaps and skin care. No chemicals, No preservatives, No artificial color, No synthetic fragrance. I use the soaps daily, non-drying for my over 40 skin, and the natural fragrance is theraputic. Elizabeth Lord Naturals are pure, simple and fresh start to finish.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Shall we brooch the subject of accessorizing....

I found these little ditties on has a fabulous collection of sustainable products, none of which should be over looked. With my fetish for fashion accessories the brooches immediately grabbed my attention. I live by the idea that less is more so I keep my accessories simple, wearing just one special piece. The designs at are ideal for my needs. Not only are they fabulous to look at they give us an interesting story to tell admirers. They’re designed by a Woman’s Cooperative in Lima, Peru created under the keen eye of local artist Vacide Erda Zimic. Zimic’s re-cycled fashion accessories are composed of recycled and reclaimed textiles. The brooches* are made from 100% wool felt reclaimed from the Peruvian Andean hat industry, how cool is that? Each piece is meticulously hand cut and hand crafted into a sustainable flower design. The colorful designs include Dahlias, Roses and Chrysanthemums.

As we push toward the colder season, we start pulling warmer clothes out of our closets for the long winters haul. It’s easy to let your style go once keeping warm becomes a priority. I try to separate myself from the pack by adding an embellishment to my wardrobe. The brooches on offer the splash of color I look for. Whether it’s on a scarf or coat, you can separate yourself from the bundled masses by wearing a brooch to show your personality. These nifty little decorative pieces not only pin to your wardrobe, they will spice up anything you attach them to. Just think about the possibilities, handbags, backpacks, sun visors even a lamp shade.

The people at Digs are committed to creating quality products while supporting eco-conscious manufacturing, fair trade, fair wages and economic development. Come on, ya gotta dig it!

*coming soon to

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Take in the Music, Eat Well and Save the Ta-ta’s

A few plugs:

Plug #1
is for our little Town of Duck and its 3rd Annual Jazz Festival which takes place in the waterfront park on October 11th. Jazz saxophonist Kim Waters is set to headline the event. Click here for a complete list of artists. The event begins at 11:00 a.m. and continues through sun down. Come by and enjoy some smooth jazz, stroll on the boardwalk and take in the breath taking view of the Currituck Sound.

Plug #2 The Wave Pizza Café is going LIVE on Saturday, October 10th with 102.5 FM “The Shark” and Budwieser – Landshark. Free food, lots of give-aways and $1.50 Bud and Landshark Lager! It all happens on thier sound front deck and the sunsets are free!

Plug #3 October is “Breast Cancer Awareness Month” and to show its support The Wave Pizza Café has turned their Wave White Pizza pink. My husband came up with the notion to show his support and concocted a fabulously tasty pink pizza. Just look at it, does it not shout out Breast Cancer Awareness? For every pink pizza sold during the month of October The Wave will donate $1.00 to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. THINK PINK.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Another Season Passes

We’re experiencing a few quiet weeks here at the beach. With the slow progression into fall, September brings a mix of young families, couples and retiree’s. Ocean Atlantic Rental’s has penned this “Baby Month’ as this is the season when crib rentals are at a premium. Some locals have come to call our September guests “Newlyweds and Nearly Deads”. Although one might argue the latter name is P.I.C., I confess to a silent chuckle when I hear it said.

The long line of cars parading onto our beach every week has slowed and I’ve come down with a case of the blah’s. Normally, I’m happy to leave the craziness of summer behind as I look ahead to the quieter seasons. Instead I find myself missing the smell of suntan lotion and the sounds of tourists eating ice cream from the neighboring shop. Well maybe not so much the eating of the ice cream but the enthusiasm it brings. Gone are the conversations about collecting the best seashells, visiting the light house or finding the best pizza. If you’re interested you’ll find seashells under Kitty Hawk Pier after high tide, Currituck Beach Light is just up the road and The Wave Pizza Cafe has the best pizza in town (What you weren’t expecting a plug?).

It’s not surprising that the deficit in vacationers coincides with the start of another school year. Which has brought me to the realization that my melancholy may be sparked by the absence of my youngest child? He has been newly transplanted on a college campus 5 hours away and I think empty nest syndrome may be taking hold. Experience has taught me that this too shall pass, as I have sent 2 away before him and they both returned home. I take no credit for this as my youngest son once compared my mothering technique to TV's Roseanne, he meant it as a compliment, or so

he says. I'm convinced it's my husbands cooking that brings them home; he's a wizard with a spatula.

Henry David Thoreau said it best “Live each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each.”

Friday, September 18, 2009

Another reclaimed treasure...

The other night my sister and I were winding down from the day and sitting on my sofa with dueling lap tops. While Michelle wrote another quick witted post for her blog I cruised Etsy for a new find, and find it I did. It was a hand bag created by foundbynicki. The artist skillfuly crafts the hand bags from pre-owned leather jackets. The thought of this might bring back memories of hand bags we made as teenagers, sewing together pieces of old jeans to fashion a sack. These are nothing like that…. they’re actually nice. Nice being an understatement, they’re actually gorgeous. When I showed the pictures to Michelle she had an equally joyful reaction. Nothing can get the attention of two grown women like a leather hand bag or a new pair of shoes.

You really should check out Etsy, if you haven’t already. There are all sorts of wonderfully unique items, each crafted by creative and talented artist. If you like the idea of recycling leather coats into hand bags, I’ll indulge you with yet another site; Remade USA. Enjoy.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bad Hair Daze

Dry unruly hair… hard to control… this is what I live with every day. But alas! I have found a cure; Agadir Hair Oil formerly known as Moroccan Gold Miracle Oil. There’s a young woman working in a neighboring shop with hair so lovely it turns heads. Her name is Jillian or as I like to call her “The girl with the amazing hair”. I hate her, not really. Her hair is thick, lustrous and full of body. Mine is also thick, but depending on the humidity it can range from “brillo pad” to “slightly less brillo pad”. I blow dry and color treat, Jillian does the same but adds a 3rd step, the flat iron. Even adding the extra heat she still has amazing hair, how can this be? Well, she has youth on her side, she’s 19 and I’m….not 19. Her other weapon of defense is this fabulous hair oil. I found it on-line purchased it and gave my hair its first dose yesterday. I immediately saw results; I left the house with a renewed vitality. Seriously, I could do a Clairol commercial. You know the one, where Debra Messing is dancing around the house lip syncing to Natural Woman. It gets better… I went to the bank and the teller wanted to know who styles my hair. Wow, I had forgotten it had a style. On day two I had even better results. No struggling through tangles while blow drying just smooth shine. My landlord stopped by the shop this morning to say hello, funny how he only does this on the first of the month. He said, and I quote “business must be good, because you look great”. Ha! It must be the hair, I mean with the recession and all. I can’t imagine what might happen on day three. Hair modeling?

There’s a plethora of websites selling the Moroccan Oil in a wide range of prices, shop around and give it a try. You’ll be dancing and singing Natural Woman in no time.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lessons for the Road

We just returned from taking our youngest off to college. It’s a 5 hour trip and freshman move-in was at an ungodly 7 A.M., ergo we were forced to drive in a day early. With the Dorm paraphernalia packed into the SUV there was barely room to sit. I had to pack light.

My usual travel tote The Pocket Rocket from Bungalow Scout (pardon my obvious plug) was filled with work papers and my laptop. Too lazy to empty it I grabbed my Pretty Green Bag which I usually reserve for local errands. Turns out it's the bag that keeps on giving. I was able to stuff it with my cropped pants and a tee for a change of clothes (slightly wrinkled I use the hotel iron). My comfy sleep pants, another tee, my hairdryer (not a fan of hotel hair dryers; too small, short cord), make up, hair brush, hair product, moisturizer, contact lens solution, tooth brush, tooth paste, eye glasses and an extra pair of flip flops. Oh, my phone charger and an apple. Did I say amazing? Crazy Amazing.

Fabulous new fall patterns from Bungalow Scout are in at THE GREEN SHUTTER. Don't you wish you had them...they're just one click away!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Writer's Block?

My wish for the day.... someone tell me where I can buy these post-it notes.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Spicoli revisited

The waves must have been tasty. It's Monday evening and still no lap top. I actually had to hand write checks this morning in order to pay bills, next I'll be forced to buy a TV guide or use a fold out map. This is the worst!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Jeff Spicoli would love it here

You may have noticed (hopefully someone has) that I’ve been gone from the blog-o-sphere for a few days. My lap top became a virus victim about a week ago and has been sitting on a repair bench ever since. Nothing happens quickly at the beach. There is no sense of urgency, especially if the waves are good or the fish are running. You can walk up to a business on any given day and find a hand written note taped to the door; ‘gone fishing’ or ‘gone surfing’. We were jokingly warned of this when we first moved here. Normally I find it charming, until I need something done like repairing my laptop. My entire life is processed through this little computer. It’s astonishing how much I rely on it for both business and personal issues. There’s bill paying, purchasing, directions, reservations and weather checks to think about. And then there’s the amount of time I spend googling some random piece of information i.e., how to repair a leaky vent on my car or what is the disease “du jour’ on my lawn. This morning I’m able to enjoy my cup of coffee with Yahoo News as I steal a few minutes on Peter’s lap top. The “computer dude” (this is not his name just an observation) got back to me yesterday, the lap top will be finished on Monday morning. Assuming there will be no “tasty waves” to detain him I’ll be Twittering in no time!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Blowing in the Wind

I have a thing for wind chimes. I love the gentle sounds they make in the breeze, coupled with the smell of the ocean, I’m in heaven. It’s these same sounds that make my husband crazy. We have been negotiating wind chime usage for 27 years, he’s against them and I'm for them. Over the years we have compromised in the silence of sun catchers and glass art, that is until recently.

When I opened my shop there was no doubt that I would carry wind chimes, I searched for ones that are unique, earth friendly and eye catching with melodic sounds. I found all of this in Goose Rocks Designs.

Every wind chime is made by hand, they cut, drill, and tumble the glass, and cut, drill, and form all the frames. Each wind chime is more beautiful than the next. If you don’t believe me check out their website for photos. The added bonus is that each is packed in a water soluble biodegradable box made from cornstarch.

I carry a selection of Goose Rocks Designs in my shop and one on my front porch. The good news; no complaints from my husband, yet.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Can you hear me now?

The illicit trade of the minerals tin, tantalum (also called coltan), tungsten and gold are perpetuating the violence in the eastern Congo. Until reading the article “More Revelations about the Conflict Materials in your Cell Phone”, I was clueless as to the violent impact the trade of these minerals has caused. This information has made me stop and take pause. I recommend the read.

A few more links you might find of interest:
2009 Run for Congo Woman
Raise hope for Congo

Friday, July 17, 2009

Driving Miss Edie

I have been absent from the blog-o-sphere for a few days (an upper respiratory infection will do that to a girl), but now I’m back and I have a lovely little house guest, Edie May. She was dropped off yesterday morning by her human Dodge as he was leaving on vacation. Yes, Dodge is his real name. Edie is a Georgia girl, a basset hound that wants to be treated like the Diva that she is. I can’t determine if my boys Tucker and Floyd (also Bassets) are considerate of her feminine ways or just placating the bitch (as it were).

I love Edie, she is the lap dog I never had. When this petite little hound climbs onto my chair her weight does not hinder blood flow to my legs, seize mobility or body block my view. Floyd who does inflict the aforementioned discomforts gets a bit jealous, he is enormous and thinks he’s a cat. A mind set that has gotten him into a few jams in the past. Despite his child like behavior he extends a “doggy courtesy” to Miss Edie and leaves her be. His manners taught not by me, but his elder Tucker, who at times has little patience in rearing the young lad. That said they have been behaving like gentlemen. While playing they tone down the “rough housing” so Edie can participate and when food is served they wait for Edie to take the first bite. Whoever said chivalry was dead knew not of the Basset Hound.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mother Nature... never underestimate the power of a woman.

From Memorial Day through Labor Day the Outer Banks comes alive with sun worshippers and party goers. It’s only fitting that the first wind turbine erected on this skinny Barrier Island would provide energy to a micro-brewery.

The project took 5 years to become a reality for Aubrey Davis and Eric Reese, owners of The Outer Banks Brewing Station. Situated just 500 ft. from the beach the wind driven structure has become an icon of the beach and brings attention to the already popular brewery.

Anticipating the seasonal storms the 72 ft. wind turbine was built to withstand winds up to 132 mph. A necessity here on the beach. During a Nor-Easter I was nearly blown off of a deck, my son was able to stop me by grabbing the back of my shirt. Lesson learned; do not stand outside to observe the angry sea, even if it is an awesome sight.

To honor the first wind turbine used to brew beer on the Outer Banks, brewer Scott Meyer created a special beer just for the occasion, the “10KV Pale Ale” (10 kilovolts of power).

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Perfect Wedding Dress

A friend of ours will be tying the knot in October and has asked for my help in finding unique wedding favors. With an eye for style, she is an incessant bargain hunter and wise not to buy into the idea that a beautiful wedding has to cost as much as your first house. So while looking for valuable steals I found this little ditty….. pre-owned wedding dresses. If I were getting married again this is where I would shop. Looking at the many options I felt like a kid in a candy store. With 2,699 dresses currently listed, they have something for every style bride. Maybe I can convince Peter to re-new our vows, I have a Vera Wang all picked out. It makes perfect sense; renew…recycle.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Let's Make A Little Noise

I applaud those that drive a hybrid vehicle and look forward to owning one myself. Here's an interesting tidbit regarding hybrid vehicles; they are difficult for the vision impaired community to detect. When the vehicles slow to a stop they often run on battery power, which is silent. As you can imagine this could present a hazard at intersections and in parking lots. Japan is now considering adding noise to their hybrids to help the vision impaired. Hopefully all car manufacturers will begin adding some sort of universal sound to hybrid cars. This seems more like a necessity to me rather than an option.

I'll Keep My Day Job

We have clearly established that I am not a food blogger, however I do love to bake. After my recent cupcake failure I felt a need to redeem myself. In celebration of my daughters return from her year long adventure in Europe, I baked a pie. I found this "Easy Coconut Pie Recipe" on, the title held true as easy it was. I knew the vodka pie crust recipe from Cook's Illustrated Magazine would work well with the filling. I tried this recipe for the first time this past Thanksgiving and it is by far the best crust I have ever made. And I have made a lot. The coconut custard filling with the vodka crust was a perfect match. Both were moist and flavorful. The pie was enjoyed by all and I was finally able to bask in baking glory.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Hot Piece of Glass

There is a glistening elegance to hand blown glass. I have a variety of colorful pieces hanging on my porch and in my windows. I love my wind chimes but my husband complains as he finds their sounds distracting. A compromise has been found in art glass, we both enjoy the solitude in their lustrous colors.

My favorite glass comes from prolific artist Luke Adams. A young glass blower out of New England, Luke and his talented team of artist’s create individually unique pieces. The colors are spectacular. I received a new shipment of sun catchers the other day, one of which caught my eye. The twist ornament shimmered in sea foam greens and blues like an ocean wave. I was sad to sell it that same afternoon as I had considered keeping it for myself.

If you live near Norwood, Ma., stop in and see Luke in his glass blowing studio, he happily welcomes visitors. If you need to fuel some creativity he teaches glass blowing classes as well.

“Glass is a material formed by fire and shaped by human breath, nothing else can offer an artist creatively, what is possible in glass.” - Luke

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Kudos to Aunt Shirley

You wouldn’t want to put your dirty shoes on a kitchen table so why put your hand bag on a dirty floor? My husbands Aunt Shirley told me about purse hangers when I first opened and suggested I carry them. I agreed but it took me a few months to decide on a hanger to sell in my shop. When I found these beautiful diffused glass hooks made by Laura at Iridescent Dreams I was hooked too. They are pretty to look at, easy to carry and easy to use. The weighted disc keeps the hanger firmly planted on any flat surface. No two are exactly the same and they are made in an array of delightful colors. Go ahead, spoil yourself. You deserve one

Monday, June 29, 2009

A Sign of Summer.

Just off the back deck of my shop in the waters of Currituck Sound there is an Osprey nest. We await the return of these beautiful birds every spring. Nightly a crowd gathers to take in the sunset and to view the nesting birds. The babies are finally visible and a thoughtful customer e-mailed me photos taken this past weekend. Mama and Papa Osprey often guard the nest from a nearby tree. They are quite spectacular to watch.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Great American Bake Sale.... helping to end childhood hunger.

You can help too. How to Eat a Cupcake is a participant in The Great American Bake Sale. Just click here for their link to donate or if you would like to host your own bake sale click here. Funds you raise from your local bake sale support food programs in your community. 100% off the funds raised help feed kids.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

This is why I'm not a food blogger

I love cupcakes, they’re little tasty treats. Fun to make and fun to eat. It was with great enthusiasm that I baked the Neapolitan Cupcake's I found on “How to Eat a Cupcake”. I was unable to find the dark chocolate cocoa the recipe called for so I improvised with standard baking cocoa. Even with the cocoa switch the cupcakes were truly delicious despite their plunky appearance. The same held true of the icing, amazing flavor. Apparently in my haste I under whipped the egg whites and my frosting was more like soft strawberry ice cream. Equally as delicious but incapable of dressing a cupcake. My "much older" brother once proposed that I'm channeling Martha Stewart, HA! He would eat his words if he saw these cupcakes. No doubt Martha's cupscakes would be perfection. To the contrary only a true visionary would dare serve a cup cake with a side of "icing dip". Here we have two photo's, one of my cupcakes with icing on the side and the other of what I aspired to create. Hard to tell them apart, don’t you think?

Friday, June 26, 2009

Why Dirt?

After a near sell out last Friday, Dirt Candles are back in store. I literally had 2 candles left on the shelves. They were in such demand this week I had a waiting list of customers and phone calls to make. Fed Ex delivered early this morning and by noon I had a line at the counter. I'm carrying two new scents; Best Friends and An Apple A Day. The candles are still on sale 20% off, in store and on the web site.

Here's a little ditty straight from Dirt:

Dirt is where nature begins and ends. Dirt Candles are formulated from beginning to end with natural things. Starting with GMO-free soy wax made with organic soy cultivated in the USA, along with essential oils, botanical ingredients, and all natural cotton wicks. Recycled packaging is used with soy inks and labels made from corn. Dirt invites you to take a look around, smell and open your world up to the possibilities of dirt.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Urban Farming.... seeds of change

Our friendly neighborhood cynic only yesterday told me one person can not make a difference. Although I begged to differ, I failed to change his mind. Once many years ago my father in-law called me an idealist and told me never to change, I haven't. I believe in one there are many. This morning I caught a story on GMA that embraces this point of view. They were discussing Urban Farming projects and how they have put down roots in major cities all across the US. Their purpose is simple; to end hunger in our generation. They are providing nutrition and education to children that might otherwise call a bottle of pop and a bag of chips dinner.

Their mission statement:
Urban Farming intends to eradicate hunger while increasing diversity, motivating youth and seniors and optimizing the production of unused land for good and alternative energy.

I’d like to shake the hand of whomever came up with the idea of the Edible Green Wall, pure genius. It’s an innovative wall panel system used to grow fresh produce. Perfect for inner cities where real estate is a rare commodity. Click here for a few photos of Edible Green Wall Projects.

If you shop online at Amazon, Ebay, iTunes and dozens of other stores donate a percent of your purchase to Urban Farming. Just click on the Urban Farming Button to the left to learn more.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Architectural Salvage... Another way to Recycle

Today’s stream of consciousness (or unconsciousness)….

I was mopping my wood floor and reading the label on the cleaner bottle. Turns out the cleaner kills 99.9% of bacteria and I briefly wondered about the .01% of bacteria that it doesn’t kill. From there, I began thinking about how I’m trying to live a cleaner/greener life, and so on. While mopping the floor, suddenly I realized how awesome it is, the floor I mean. Yes, I have an awesome floor.

The story of our floor comes in 2 parts. The first part began with the original construction of our house 22 years ago when a local contractor built it as his main residence. From the windows and trim, to the salvaged front door with original hardware, it was clear he knew what he was doing. Even with all this finely wrought detail, it was the flooring that sold me on the home. It's made of reclaimed wood originating from an old North Carolina train station. The tiny flaws in each plank have character and I find myself awed by the history they’ve seen. After 10 years, the next owner put an addition on the house. A sizable mother-in -law suite was built, which we have claimed as our master bedroom. In keeping with the style of reclaimed wood, they were able to snag original wood flooring from an iconic Chicago landmark; the Montgomery Ward Building. Did I mention I have awesome floors?

The next time your in the market for new a tree, re-use, re-claim, re-cycle. There are a plethora of resources available for reclaimed wood. Here are a few to get you started: Heritage Restorations, Mountain Lumber, Clark's.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Gleeful Vacationers Abound!

I'm watching the line of cars coming off of the bridge from the mainland, all adorned with cartop carriers, bicycles and water sport paraphenalia. Happy vacationers are welcomed on our beaches as it is our season to shine. Looking at the caravan of travelers I feel compelled to remind everyone that no matter where you vacation or visit, remember... someone else calls it home...

Thursday, June 18, 2009


A humanitarian company providing sustainable employment to the proud Zulu of Africa.

As told by the founders… “Over the years we have worked to uplift the Zulu and provide them with a better quality of life. We have seen them through sickness and personal trauma and tragedy-through fires that ravaged their shacks and took all of their possessions. We have personally provided shelter and clothing for them even when it meant going without. This project is totally supported by the sales of our beautiful products as profits are put back into the company to sustain jobs and create new ones. No outside, private or government funding has been or is being used on this project. Our mission has been to build proper housing and a clinic for the Zulu.”

I am proud to be a distributor of BUGZ Workshop.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

For the Bird with Discriminating Taste.

Flying south? Tired of nesting in chimneys, branches or my front door wreath (seriously). Here's a new re-tweet for you and your nestlings!

Another unique Bird Barn from Barnstorm, new in the shop just this morning. Constructed from reclaimed barnwood and easy to clean, just open that welcoming front door and your done. Available in store at TGS or just one phone call (or e-mail) away.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Vintage Rubber

English Retreads version of the messenger bag is made from 100% reclaimed inner tubes. I stumbled upon these this's such a cleaver use of recycled material I had to share immediately

Creator Heather English came up with the idea while floating down stream in an inner tube. A vegetarian she was thinking about wanting a new handbag, durable but not from leather. From this her company English Retreads was born. Heather gets her inner tubes from a truck stop in Boulder near her home. Each has more than 60,000 miles on it before they're re-created. Apparently she has been making these bags since 2001, am I the last to know about this?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Behold the Paper Straw.

This past weekend my husband's family visited from "The Homeland" (New Jersey). While we enjoyed good company and good conversation we were left with the conundrum “how do we entertain everyone”. On Saturday we ventured out to see the Kite Festival on Jockey’s Ridge. Our fun was short lived as the heat and impending dehydration led us from the giant dune and into Sam and Omie’s. Sam and Omie’s is a favorite eatery among locals, it’s been here on the Outer Banks since 1937. It’s good eats, clean and simple. Our server gave me another reason to sing their praise when she handed me a paper straw with my cold soda. Yes, the paper straw is back! Knowing there is one less piece of plastic sitting in the landfill was enough to brighten up an overheated afternoon. So Alas… my icy drink was served with a side of hope for the eco-friendly.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Eye Catching Bifocal SunReaders

OTB Bifocal SunReaders…have you tried them yet? The days of sitting at the beach with my sunglasses layered over my reading glasses are long gone. For me they have many uses... I wear them while I drive to help me identify cell phone callers. I also find myself keeping them on for quick runs into the grocery store or Wally World. I can read labels without fumbling through my bag for glasses. All of OTB Bifocals have 100% UVBA protection. They come in a variety of styles for men and woman. An adorable carrying case is included. These are in store at The Green Shutter . I'll ship them anywhere, just shoot me an e-mail or give me a call!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Time to get Naked...

Now that I have your attention....take a look at the Naked Sponge from TWIST. What did you think I was talking about?
Another earth loving product from TWIST. The Naked Sponge contains no dyes and is 100% cellulose. It does not contain the chemicals or colorings you find in those bright yellow sponges we see at the grocery store. You can check the Green Standards of this sponge here. TWIST products are available at William-Sonoma, Whole Foods or right here in the Village of Duck at Tommy's market.

Monday, June 8, 2009




Sunday, June 7, 2009

Re-cycling some DIRT

I'm smitten with scented candles and I am forever on a quest to find the perfect one. Not only for myself but for my shop as well. Not too strong, long lasting, and eco-friendly. My search ended when my husband suggested Dirt Candles. I can only guess it was self preservation that caused him to research soy candles on the web. Probably tired of coming home every day to some new and sometimes unusual scent. I had tested a bounty of samples and while some were pleasant others truly assaulted our senses.

Why Dirt? For starters I think they're amazing and I'm in good company. Hollywood agrees, DIRT candles were given as swag at the 2007 Academy Awards and Golden Globes. They have been featured in Home Decor, People, US and Style Magazines, just to name a few.

The soft, subtle aroma doesn't overwhelm. I sampled about a dozen scents and I found them all enjoyable. My favorite is Old Faithful.
I'm a sucker for a good vanilla candle. It has notes of Madagascar Vanilla, Tahitian Vanilla, Mexican Vanilla and herbs. Another favorite (probably because I live at the beach) is Beach Bum with Olfactory notes of seawater, kelp, fresh rain and white sand. Yep, its says fresh rain. I don't know how but its in there. No matter what scent you choose, you won't be disappointed.

These candles are eco-friendly from wick to box. Everything is bio-degradable. The box tells us that they burn for 60 hours, I can tell you they burn longer. The price is affordable, unlike other soy candles you won't have to break the bank to buy one. Just when I thought they couldn't get any better; a portion of the proceeds go to charities like Make a Wish Foundation, The American Cancer Society and Big Brothers and Sisters. If you love candles as much as I do you won't be dissappointed with DIRT!

Friday, June 5, 2009

A vote for the underdog is a vote for me!

We have a blog nod from SocialLuxe Lounge. TGS has a nomination for the Swiffer Clean Blog award. Someone please tell my husband my years of conscientious cleanliness (and 27 yrs of his suffering) have been acknowledged and distinguished by a fancy green blog button. The prize; recognition from my peers. Click here, go to Swiffer Clean Blogs and cast your vote for The Green Shutter.... you're the best, really!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Enchanted Mermaids from Natalie Silitch

I stumbled upon these fanciful ornaments in a glitzy little gift shop in Key West last fall. When I spied these little ladies sitting on a shelf I swear they were calling my name and I had to bring one home. Both owning small retail businesses with similar styles, the shop owner and I had much in common so a friendly conversation ensued. I was disappointed she was unable to share information on the artist. When I returned home I turned my tiny little frown upside down with a simple internet search (I love google). As it turns out the artist, Natalie Silitch stems from Annapolis, Maryland. A self-taught artist, she has been creating her whimsical fabric ornaments for years. Natalie is a delight to speak with and it is a pleasure to peddle her wares. Her playful mermaids have found a new home in my Coastal Carolina shop.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

How many water bottles are too many?

NYC based graphic design firm MSLK is making a statement about the abuse and over use of the plastic water bottle. Their eco-conscious exhibit "Watershed" is an "in your face" way of letting us know how many bottles of water we guzzle everyday. Americans consume 1,500 per minute which is how many bottles they used to create the eye opening display. You can view "Watershed" at the Figment Art Festival on Goveners Island, NYC from June 12 - 14. Unfortunately I can only visit through photos, but if your living or visiting the NYC area it may be worth a look. If you don't already use reusable water bottles this may be a good time to start... particularly if you plan on attending the exhibit and bringing water, I'm just saying.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What is this thing called Guerilla Gardening?

Guerilla Gardening is a non-violent political gardening action. New Yorkers are among the city dwellers becoming Green Guerilla's. Secretly beautifying neglected parks, abandoned lots and city streets by smuggling in plants and seed balls. I think this is an intriguing idea but I confess that I find urban undercover gardening a bit amusing. I have visions of gardeners wearing ski masks running by empty lots and throwing tiny seed balls over chain link fences. Seed balls (if you're wondering) are a composite of seed, mulch and red terra cotta clay. If you would like to join the troops and enlist click here and learn how to make seed balls. So stock your arsenal and plan your next covert operation , guerilla gardening is here to stay.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Don't miss the Bungalow Scout Sale!

Its time for the Pre-summer sale..... All Bungalow Scout totes, coolers and troughs are 10% off On-line at The Green Shutter! They're flying off the shelves.... don't miss out! Oops, I almost forgot.... Dirt Candles are 20% off too!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Taking care of your Green Thumb

Tis the season for gardening and my hands suffer because of it. They have been crying for relief from the dry, sandpaper like skin I have burdened them with. While putting on my soothing hand salve I realize I need to share this product with other hands in need.

I own several pair of gardening gloves but they become damp, heavy and cumbersome. The gloves end up thrown on the lawn while I dig into the good earth. My hands pay the price for my lack of protection and repay me with broken nails and cracked skin. I have a semi-nightly routine of a DYI manicure, cleaning and polishing my nails and pampering my skin with products from Green Thumb. The salve is a remarkable product that I carry in my bag and use several times during the day. I also use the cleanser. It is extremely mild and derived from organic extracts while the salve is an intensive repair treatment. The salve contains coconut, shea butter, sweet almond oil and sunflower oil. Just a little bit of the salve goes a long, long way. Both the salve and cleanser come in two pleasant scents; herbal and citrus. Green Thumb is perfect for the gardener or anyone with overworked hands.

Chet gets a shout out

Here he is enjoying his new digs in our veggie garden.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sharing the beach with Sea Turtles.

A few summer’s ago my husband was kayaking off the shore of Rodanthe. While I watched him enjoy his peace at sea, the kids and I soaked up some rays from the beach. There was an sudden disturbance in his solitude as we watched him make an “about face” and a quick trip to shore. To my amusement he told me he had been startled by a large sea turtle (a confession I continue to tease him about today). By the time he realized the gazing eye was from a sea turtle the adrenaline rush had already kicked in and he was on his way back the beach. Kayak $400.00, new bathing suit $75.00, the expression on Peter’s face….. priceless!

This was our first encounter with the Sea Turtle. I later learned of the plight of these creatures through a friend that volunteers for N.E.S.T (Network for Endangered Sea Turtles).

Off the coast of North Carolina we are fortunate to have several species of these beautiful sea creatures. Unfortunately they are all either threatened or endangered. Nesting female sea turtles come to lay their eggs every year on our beaches. If undisturbed the eggs will hatch in 2 months. Sadly the hatchlings stand a slim chance of survival. Their nesting coincides with the summer vacation season here on the Outer Banks and as you can imagine the beaches are filled with swimmers, children, un-leashed dogs and ORV’s.

N.E.S.T is an organization dedicated to protecting the nest and eggs of the sea turtle. Once a nest is identified N.E.S.T volunteers guard it 24/7. This is a remarkable organization with dedicated volunteers. To learn more about identifying nests and helping the sea turtles click here.

A side note: A land loving turtle has found a new home in our vegetable garden. James has named him Chet.