Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Kudos to Aunt Shirley

You wouldn’t want to put your dirty shoes on a kitchen table so why put your hand bag on a dirty floor? My husbands Aunt Shirley told me about purse hangers when I first opened and suggested I carry them. I agreed but it took me a few months to decide on a hanger to sell in my shop. When I found these beautiful diffused glass hooks made by Laura at Iridescent Dreams I was hooked too. They are pretty to look at, easy to carry and easy to use. The weighted disc keeps the hanger firmly planted on any flat surface. No two are exactly the same and they are made in an array of delightful colors. Go ahead, spoil yourself. You deserve one


  1. Its such a simple gadget and I'd be lost without it.

  2. Kerry, Why can't I comment under my yahoo account, it doesn't show up?