Thursday, July 30, 2009

Blowing in the Wind

I have a thing for wind chimes. I love the gentle sounds they make in the breeze, coupled with the smell of the ocean, I’m in heaven. It’s these same sounds that make my husband crazy. We have been negotiating wind chime usage for 27 years, he’s against them and I'm for them. Over the years we have compromised in the silence of sun catchers and glass art, that is until recently.

When I opened my shop there was no doubt that I would carry wind chimes, I searched for ones that are unique, earth friendly and eye catching with melodic sounds. I found all of this in Goose Rocks Designs.

Every wind chime is made by hand, they cut, drill, and tumble the glass, and cut, drill, and form all the frames. Each wind chime is more beautiful than the next. If you don’t believe me check out their website for photos. The added bonus is that each is packed in a water soluble biodegradable box made from cornstarch.

I carry a selection of Goose Rocks Designs in my shop and one on my front porch. The good news; no complaints from my husband, yet.

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