Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lessons for the Road

We just returned from taking our youngest off to college. It’s a 5 hour trip and freshman move-in was at an ungodly 7 A.M., ergo we were forced to drive in a day early. With the Dorm paraphernalia packed into the SUV there was barely room to sit. I had to pack light.

My usual travel tote The Pocket Rocket from Bungalow Scout (pardon my obvious plug) was filled with work papers and my laptop. Too lazy to empty it I grabbed my Pretty Green Bag which I usually reserve for local errands. Turns out it's the bag that keeps on giving. I was able to stuff it with my cropped pants and a tee for a change of clothes (slightly wrinkled I use the hotel iron). My comfy sleep pants, another tee, my hairdryer (not a fan of hotel hair dryers; too small, short cord), make up, hair brush, hair product, moisturizer, contact lens solution, tooth brush, tooth paste, eye glasses and an extra pair of flip flops. Oh, my phone charger and an apple. Did I say amazing? Crazy Amazing.

Fabulous new fall patterns from Bungalow Scout are in at THE GREEN SHUTTER. Don't you wish you had them...they're just one click away!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Writer's Block?

My wish for the day.... someone tell me where I can buy these post-it notes.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Spicoli revisited

The waves must have been tasty. It's Monday evening and still no lap top. I actually had to hand write checks this morning in order to pay bills, next I'll be forced to buy a TV guide or use a fold out map. This is the worst!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Jeff Spicoli would love it here

You may have noticed (hopefully someone has) that I’ve been gone from the blog-o-sphere for a few days. My lap top became a virus victim about a week ago and has been sitting on a repair bench ever since. Nothing happens quickly at the beach. There is no sense of urgency, especially if the waves are good or the fish are running. You can walk up to a business on any given day and find a hand written note taped to the door; ‘gone fishing’ or ‘gone surfing’. We were jokingly warned of this when we first moved here. Normally I find it charming, until I need something done like repairing my laptop. My entire life is processed through this little computer. It’s astonishing how much I rely on it for both business and personal issues. There’s bill paying, purchasing, directions, reservations and weather checks to think about. And then there’s the amount of time I spend googling some random piece of information i.e., how to repair a leaky vent on my car or what is the disease “du jour’ on my lawn. This morning I’m able to enjoy my cup of coffee with Yahoo News as I steal a few minutes on Peter’s lap top. The “computer dude” (this is not his name just an observation) got back to me yesterday, the lap top will be finished on Monday morning. Assuming there will be no “tasty waves” to detain him I’ll be Twittering in no time!