Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bad Hair Daze

Dry unruly hair… hard to control… this is what I live with every day. But alas! I have found a cure; Agadir Hair Oil formerly known as Moroccan Gold Miracle Oil. There’s a young woman working in a neighboring shop with hair so lovely it turns heads. Her name is Jillian or as I like to call her “The girl with the amazing hair”. I hate her, not really. Her hair is thick, lustrous and full of body. Mine is also thick, but depending on the humidity it can range from “brillo pad” to “slightly less brillo pad”. I blow dry and color treat, Jillian does the same but adds a 3rd step, the flat iron. Even adding the extra heat she still has amazing hair, how can this be? Well, she has youth on her side, she’s 19 and I’m….not 19. Her other weapon of defense is this fabulous hair oil. I found it on-line purchased it and gave my hair its first dose yesterday. I immediately saw results; I left the house with a renewed vitality. Seriously, I could do a Clairol commercial. You know the one, where Debra Messing is dancing around the house lip syncing to Natural Woman. It gets better… I went to the bank and the teller wanted to know who styles my hair. Wow, I had forgotten it had a style. On day two I had even better results. No struggling through tangles while blow drying just smooth shine. My landlord stopped by the shop this morning to say hello, funny how he only does this on the first of the month. He said, and I quote “business must be good, because you look great”. Ha! It must be the hair, I mean with the recession and all. I can’t imagine what might happen on day three. Hair modeling?

There’s a plethora of websites selling the Moroccan Oil in a wide range of prices, shop around and give it a try. You’ll be dancing and singing Natural Woman in no time.

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  1. Believe it or not I've actually been on a day trip to Agadir, Morocco! It was while I was on vacation in Gibraltar, 30 minutes away by boat across the straights. Unfortunately I found no coins in the Casbah, and for that matter no hair oil either!

    -Luke Sidewalker