Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mother Nature... never underestimate the power of a woman.

From Memorial Day through Labor Day the Outer Banks comes alive with sun worshippers and party goers. It’s only fitting that the first wind turbine erected on this skinny Barrier Island would provide energy to a micro-brewery.

The project took 5 years to become a reality for Aubrey Davis and Eric Reese, owners of The Outer Banks Brewing Station. Situated just 500 ft. from the beach the wind driven structure has become an icon of the beach and brings attention to the already popular brewery.

Anticipating the seasonal storms the 72 ft. wind turbine was built to withstand winds up to 132 mph. A necessity here on the beach. During a Nor-Easter I was nearly blown off of a deck, my son was able to stop me by grabbing the back of my shirt. Lesson learned; do not stand outside to observe the angry sea, even if it is an awesome sight.

To honor the first wind turbine used to brew beer on the Outer Banks, brewer Scott Meyer created a special beer just for the occasion, the “10KV Pale Ale” (10 kilovolts of power).

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