Monday, June 15, 2009

Behold the Paper Straw.

This past weekend my husband's family visited from "The Homeland" (New Jersey). While we enjoyed good company and good conversation we were left with the conundrum “how do we entertain everyone”. On Saturday we ventured out to see the Kite Festival on Jockey’s Ridge. Our fun was short lived as the heat and impending dehydration led us from the giant dune and into Sam and Omie’s. Sam and Omie’s is a favorite eatery among locals, it’s been here on the Outer Banks since 1937. It’s good eats, clean and simple. Our server gave me another reason to sing their praise when she handed me a paper straw with my cold soda. Yes, the paper straw is back! Knowing there is one less piece of plastic sitting in the landfill was enough to brighten up an overheated afternoon. So Alas… my icy drink was served with a side of hope for the eco-friendly.

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