Friday, July 17, 2009

Driving Miss Edie

I have been absent from the blog-o-sphere for a few days (an upper respiratory infection will do that to a girl), but now I’m back and I have a lovely little house guest, Edie May. She was dropped off yesterday morning by her human Dodge as he was leaving on vacation. Yes, Dodge is his real name. Edie is a Georgia girl, a basset hound that wants to be treated like the Diva that she is. I can’t determine if my boys Tucker and Floyd (also Bassets) are considerate of her feminine ways or just placating the bitch (as it were).

I love Edie, she is the lap dog I never had. When this petite little hound climbs onto my chair her weight does not hinder blood flow to my legs, seize mobility or body block my view. Floyd who does inflict the aforementioned discomforts gets a bit jealous, he is enormous and thinks he’s a cat. A mind set that has gotten him into a few jams in the past. Despite his child like behavior he extends a “doggy courtesy” to Miss Edie and leaves her be. His manners taught not by me, but his elder Tucker, who at times has little patience in rearing the young lad. That said they have been behaving like gentlemen. While playing they tone down the “rough housing” so Edie can participate and when food is served they wait for Edie to take the first bite. Whoever said chivalry was dead knew not of the Basset Hound.


  1. This is Edie Mae's grandma. She is a DIVA but can be a dollbaby as well. Hugs and kisses to her from her Annie. Ann Draffin

  2. We loved having her, she truly is a dollbaby.