Saturday, October 10, 2009

Shall we brooch the subject of accessorizing....

I found these little ditties on has a fabulous collection of sustainable products, none of which should be over looked. With my fetish for fashion accessories the brooches immediately grabbed my attention. I live by the idea that less is more so I keep my accessories simple, wearing just one special piece. The designs at are ideal for my needs. Not only are they fabulous to look at they give us an interesting story to tell admirers. They’re designed by a Woman’s Cooperative in Lima, Peru created under the keen eye of local artist Vacide Erda Zimic. Zimic’s re-cycled fashion accessories are composed of recycled and reclaimed textiles. The brooches* are made from 100% wool felt reclaimed from the Peruvian Andean hat industry, how cool is that? Each piece is meticulously hand cut and hand crafted into a sustainable flower design. The colorful designs include Dahlias, Roses and Chrysanthemums.

As we push toward the colder season, we start pulling warmer clothes out of our closets for the long winters haul. It’s easy to let your style go once keeping warm becomes a priority. I try to separate myself from the pack by adding an embellishment to my wardrobe. The brooches on offer the splash of color I look for. Whether it’s on a scarf or coat, you can separate yourself from the bundled masses by wearing a brooch to show your personality. These nifty little decorative pieces not only pin to your wardrobe, they will spice up anything you attach them to. Just think about the possibilities, handbags, backpacks, sun visors even a lamp shade.

The people at Digs are committed to creating quality products while supporting eco-conscious manufacturing, fair trade, fair wages and economic development. Come on, ya gotta dig it!

*coming soon to

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