Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Hot Piece of Glass

There is a glistening elegance to hand blown glass. I have a variety of colorful pieces hanging on my porch and in my windows. I love my wind chimes but my husband complains as he finds their sounds distracting. A compromise has been found in art glass, we both enjoy the solitude in their lustrous colors.

My favorite glass comes from prolific artist Luke Adams. A young glass blower out of New England, Luke and his talented team of artist’s create individually unique pieces. The colors are spectacular. I received a new shipment of sun catchers the other day, one of which caught my eye. The twist ornament shimmered in sea foam greens and blues like an ocean wave. I was sad to sell it that same afternoon as I had considered keeping it for myself.

If you live near Norwood, Ma., stop in and see Luke in his glass blowing studio, he happily welcomes visitors. If you need to fuel some creativity he teaches glass blowing classes as well.

“Glass is a material formed by fire and shaped by human breath, nothing else can offer an artist creatively, what is possible in glass.” - Luke

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