Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Urban Farming.... seeds of change

Our friendly neighborhood cynic only yesterday told me one person can not make a difference. Although I begged to differ, I failed to change his mind. Once many years ago my father in-law called me an idealist and told me never to change, I haven't. I believe in one there are many. This morning I caught a story on GMA that embraces this point of view. They were discussing Urban Farming projects and how they have put down roots in major cities all across the US. Their purpose is simple; to end hunger in our generation. They are providing nutrition and education to children that might otherwise call a bottle of pop and a bag of chips dinner.

Their mission statement:
Urban Farming intends to eradicate hunger while increasing diversity, motivating youth and seniors and optimizing the production of unused land for good and alternative energy.

I’d like to shake the hand of whomever came up with the idea of the Edible Green Wall, pure genius. It’s an innovative wall panel system used to grow fresh produce. Perfect for inner cities where real estate is a rare commodity. Click here for a few photos of Edible Green Wall Projects.

If you shop online at Amazon, Ebay, iTunes and dozens of other stores donate a percent of your purchase to Urban Farming. Just click on the Urban Farming Button to the left to learn more.

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  1. The Edible Green Wall is a fantastic idea as it really difficult finding coins in the traditional undergrowth!

    Seriously though, it is great idea. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

    -Luke Sidewalker