Friday, June 26, 2009

Why Dirt?

After a near sell out last Friday, Dirt Candles are back in store. I literally had 2 candles left on the shelves. They were in such demand this week I had a waiting list of customers and phone calls to make. Fed Ex delivered early this morning and by noon I had a line at the counter. I'm carrying two new scents; Best Friends and An Apple A Day. The candles are still on sale 20% off, in store and on the web site.

Here's a little ditty straight from Dirt:

Dirt is where nature begins and ends. Dirt Candles are formulated from beginning to end with natural things. Starting with GMO-free soy wax made with organic soy cultivated in the USA, along with essential oils, botanical ingredients, and all natural cotton wicks. Recycled packaging is used with soy inks and labels made from corn. Dirt invites you to take a look around, smell and open your world up to the possibilities of dirt.

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