Saturday, May 2, 2009

Twist, twist, do the twist....

No not the dance, the cleaning products. Haven’t heard of them, well I hadn’t either until a recent trip to my favorite local market. I spied the Twist Dish Dumpling on the shelf and I was smitten with its adorable-ness. I thought what is this cute little thing? And how will it fit into my world.

As the labeling indicates Twist makes a complete collection of naturally spongy, scrubby cleaning marvels. They clean dishes, respect the planet, and look good doing it. Some people like to cook, most people like to eat but few people like to clean. As for my little Dish Dumpling it packs a powerful scrubbing punch and makes the chore of cleaning a little bit easier. Twist offers several types of bio-degradable cleaning products, some of which will soon be available at The Green Shutter. Until that time William-Sonoma, Whole Foods and if you happen to be in Duck, NC, Tommy’s Market all carry Twist products. So if you’re like me you’ll throw away all of your ugly green scrubbies and put a Twist into your daily cleaning. Click here for a fun little video from Twist.

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