Friday, April 24, 2009

Bungalow Scout Comes through again.

I have an adorable counter in my shop. It’s made from an old French door that I found in a thrift store. It’s so cute I must write a post about it, but not right now. I have an old dinosaur computer that is a blemish upon my lovely shop counter. It’s a hodgepodge of parts composed from my kid’s old computers. The kids get the new computers and I get the rejected parts. There is a need for change in the hierarchy.

Ryan recently discarded his old laptop for an upgrade and keeping with tradition, my benevolent son passed the old one on to me. Once I gave it a good cleaning and invested in a new keyboard it looks and works like new. I love it, although the little mouse in the middle reminds me of a pencil eraser and is a little difficult to get used to.

Now that I’m a lap top owner I need to better protect it while I travel to and from work. I carry a parade of totes that I love but don’t offer any protective padding for the lap top. Trying to keep with my adorable tote theme I didn’t have go far to find what I needed. Bungalow Scout makes me rejoice once again. As if their totes and coolers weren’t charming enough they came up with another product, coordinating lap top sleeves.

The Lil Slim lap top sleeve fits into any one of my totes. It's padded and water resistant, protecting it from my clumsy coffee spills. It also has a few hooks and handles for easy grabbing, which eliminates my usual early morning fumbling.

I can't wait to see what Bungalow Scout will come up with next.

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  1. Those are too cute! I have problems transporting my laptop too...usually opting for a small denim bag I have. I'll have to take a sneaky sneak at these totes you speak of...