Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sharing the beach with Sea Turtles.

A few summer’s ago my husband was kayaking off the shore of Rodanthe. While I watched him enjoy his peace at sea, the kids and I soaked up some rays from the beach. There was an sudden disturbance in his solitude as we watched him make an “about face” and a quick trip to shore. To my amusement he told me he had been startled by a large sea turtle (a confession I continue to tease him about today). By the time he realized the gazing eye was from a sea turtle the adrenaline rush had already kicked in and he was on his way back the beach. Kayak $400.00, new bathing suit $75.00, the expression on Peter’s face….. priceless!

This was our first encounter with the Sea Turtle. I later learned of the plight of these creatures through a friend that volunteers for N.E.S.T (Network for Endangered Sea Turtles).

Off the coast of North Carolina we are fortunate to have several species of these beautiful sea creatures. Unfortunately they are all either threatened or endangered. Nesting female sea turtles come to lay their eggs every year on our beaches. If undisturbed the eggs will hatch in 2 months. Sadly the hatchlings stand a slim chance of survival. Their nesting coincides with the summer vacation season here on the Outer Banks and as you can imagine the beaches are filled with swimmers, children, un-leashed dogs and ORV’s.

N.E.S.T is an organization dedicated to protecting the nest and eggs of the sea turtle. Once a nest is identified N.E.S.T volunteers guard it 24/7. This is a remarkable organization with dedicated volunteers. To learn more about identifying nests and helping the sea turtles click here.

A side note: A land loving turtle has found a new home in our vegetable garden. James has named him Chet.

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  1. got your link from my "Google Alerts" for "turtles" and the "Outer Banks". I am a "NEST" volunteer and i appreciate your blog and helping the awareness for the sea turtles.