Sunday, May 10, 2009

A new re-tweet for our feathered friends...

....and the bird lover with an eco-friendly conscience. Barnstorm LLC makes products that are delightful to display in my home and in my store. These charming pieces are made from reclaimed wood and recycled tin. Each bird barn is a distinctive and functionally fun work of art. These are so cute you may think they're for decorating only, not true....these are built with our feathered friends in mind. Once they build their nest in one, they will be the envy of all their bird friends.

The bird barns are easy to clean, easy to hang and easy on the eyes. I love that all of Barnstorms designs are original. Each comes with authentic dents, dings, nail holes and scratches. The natural imperfections are the charm of the 50 year old wood they’re created from.

Equally as unique and distinctive are Barnstorms picture frames which are pieced from reclaimed wood maintaining the integrity of the original materials.

I have a variety of Barnstorm birdhouses and picture frames for sale in my shop. Although I have yet to list them on-line just give me a call, I’ll ship anything that’s not nailed to the floor!

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  1. That birdy beach house is too fun! (Don't you just wish that the bird would use the steps out front rather than the hole?) haha!