Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wine Bottles - a bright idea!

My husband and son just opened a new pizza restaurant which I had the pleasure of decorating. To no avail I have been searching for suitable pendant lighting. Health codes are stringent when it comes to what you can or cannot hang over food. Whenever I think I've found the perfect light, it turns out not to be so perfect after all. On the bright side I did come across this clever idea for my home. I love this, its warm, inviting and recycled. I have some vintage seltzer bottles that could make very cool pendant lights. Unfortunately they're buried in some boxes that I have yet to unpack from our move. We moved 4 years ago, its time to unpack. If you like the idea, crack open some wine and go here for complete instructions on how to make these eco-friendly pendant lights.


  1. i so want to do this over the new long, narrow kitchen table we just got.

  2. I think it would look FAB!, Michelle. I have plenty of wine bottles to donate : )