Friday, April 3, 2009

Hand Care for the Cook....

Tantalize your senses with some kitchen aromatherapy. Cucina (kitchen in Italian) is a line of hand care products created by Fruits and Passions. As you may remember from my previous posts I’m married to a Chef. Over the years he has worked in a multitude of restaurants and with that is a multitude of odors. Fish, onion, liver, if you cook with it, his hands have reeked of it. We’ve tried several remedies, one of which is lemon juice. It may work, but if you have tiny little cuts from say, shelling fish…. OUCH!

This is where Cucina Chef Soap comes in, it’s an exfoliating soap containing fine flecks of lemon peel that help dissolve traces of grease. This isn't just for the professional chef, its wonderful in any kitchen. It leaves a fresh scent on your hands that does not interfere with the flavor of dishes. It really does works and as a nice accompaniment there's a Repairing Hand Butter with olive oil and olive butter. It will nourish, protect and moisturize dry damaged hands on contact. I have extremely dry hands and it's intensive, protective cream has worked miracles for me. I keep one on my kitchen window sill and another at work.

Made with pure olive oil to deep clean and protect the skin from dehydration, the Cucina collection also contains
olive tree extract, known to help relieve minor burns and cuts as well as rosemary and sage for the anti-bacterial and toning powers. Their packaging is distinctive, Mediterranean in style I don’t have to hide the products in a drawer or under a counter. They look great and smell wonderful.


  1. Love Cucina products! really like your blog!

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