Monday, February 2, 2009

Bungalow Scout Re-usable Totes

Like most woman I love bags, almost as much as I love shoes. My first introduction to Bungalow Scout was in a quaint shop in Nags Head over a year ago. What I saw wasn’t a bag at all but one of their faux rugs. This very cool little rug charmed me so much I needed to learn more about the company that created it. Bungalow Scout has been a great discovery as they make an abundance of fabulous products.

As it turns out Bungalow Scout is a fairly new company. They’re a fashion forward lifestyle designer whose products combine iconic patterns and crisp colors with a splash of whimsy.

How strange is it to become infatuated with a tote bag? When I first spied the Mini Deano Tote it was love at first sight. The Mini Deano is a lightweight tote, the perfect size for carrying files and books back and forth to work. It’s a bag that makes my day a little easier. I can throw a bottle of water inside and not worry about the bag getting ruined should it leak. I use this low maintenance bag day after day as it easily wipes clean looking as new as they day I bought it.

I was clueless to the popularity of these bags until I started stocking them in my shop.
Woman of all ages have flocked in for these totes. Usually in groups, I’m not kidding. There is power in numbers, especially in girlfriends. I once had 4 pre-teen girls walk past my display window, notice the totes and run into the store screaming in shrill voices. You would have thought they had seen the Jonas Brothers, but no, they went straight for the Zip and Tuck Totes (did I mention all the products have catchy names?). After seemingly endless giggles, they each picked a favorite and went home with a new tote. But not before standing proudly in front of the mirror modeling for one another. I smile when I think of them.

I credit my sister for bringing the Pocket Rocket Tote to my attention. She is a faithful farmer’s market shopper and always carries her tote. The pocket rocket holds all of the main essentials. It’s my new “everything bag”. At the beach it will fit water, flip-flops, towel and a good book. Picnicking with that special someone? The six side pockets are large enough for wine bottles and a few baguettes, then drop your blanket inside. I have one customer that uses hers as a diaper bag. The versatility of these totes is only limited by your imagination.

So many products worth mentioning, so little room on this page. You’re just going to have to check them out for yourself. Have fun shopping


  1. I recently found that Too Chic Gift Boutique has a HUGE selection of Scout bags to choose from. And they just started offering monogramming on certain items which make them even more chic.

  2. Ohhhhh, I LOVE Bungalow Scout Totes. I've searched high & low for great eco-totes and the Bungalow Scout Bags are "where it's at"! has a great selection as well & I'm loving the new holiday prints they've added...the Holiday French Twist totes & wine bags & rugs are going to be sooooo cute for this holiday season! Thanks for sharing the love for Scout bags!!

  3. Check out all the new Spring/Summer 2010 patterns just uploaded to!

  4. Bungalow loves the Green Shutter! Thanks for such a great post!